Post Graduate Research Opportunities

This program is designed to increase the research and educational opportunity for postgraduate students from a diverse background. It is comprehensive and can be augmented at training sites nationwide and has a steadfast commitment to absorb diversity and to reach the underserved regions that are impacted. This is paramount because, we enhance the application of emerging techniques to basic research through increased training and educational opportunities and increase the number of individuals with diversity in the pool of future investigators.

During this period at DNALC, the postgraduate researchers will establish and grow their scientific identity: they will present research talks, attend lectures, establish collaborations, learn from each other, and get career advice from established scientists. Over 80% of previous DNALC-CSHL alumni are pursuing research related careers, and a good number are enrolled in Ph.D. programs. These exceptional students have become scientists, role models, educators, and ambassadors for the importance of science in the community, bringing with them an appreciation of the major challenges in the biological sciences.

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