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What are your working Hours?

We open for business: Mondays to Fridays - 9:00am to 4:00pm

Does DNALC Nigeria Accept Student Interns? (IT Students)?

Yes we do.

Does DNALC Nigeria Accept NYSC Corps Members?

We are working on it.

How Long Has DNALC Nigeria Been Running?

DNALC Nigeria has been running as a company since 2012.

How can DNALC Nigeria help me in my Molecular Research Project?

Simply send a mail to info.dnalcnigeria.org with your proposal and you will receive a response within 72 hours. Please specify all you wish to achieve in your proposed study to enable us advise appropriately.

How can I bring my students for training in the Center?

You can contact the following numbers for enquiries and requirements +234-901-222-0003 & +234-802-273-9313 (or simply click the link to training page).

Does DNALC have the right Technologies?

Yes, DNALC Nigeria has the right technologies to carry out all testing it claims to carry out.

How can I participate in Training Programs?

Please visit the “Workshop” page on the website for more information about our upcoming programs and for guidelines on how to register and participate in our training programs.

What Training Programs Do You Provide?

DNALC Nigeria runs dedicated training programs with updated molecular biology curricula, such as:.

a. World of DNA

b. DNA Science

c. Genome Science

d. DNA Barcoding of the Nigerian flora and fauna

e. DNA Metabarcoding

We also host workshops, conferences and seminars for public audiences for awareness and science education.

What are the Goals of the DNA Learning Center Nigeria?

The overarching goal of the Center is capacity building that prepares teachers, students and families to benefit from modern genomics and biotechnology innovations in agricultural and medical research. DNALC Nigeria also aims to contribute to poverty and disease alleviation in Nigeria by preparing a new generation of highly skilled scientists and workforce to support agricultural and medical advancement.

Tell us About DNA Learning Center Nigeria?

DNA Learning Center Nigeria is an organization dedicated to enhancing the capacity of Nigerian high schools and universities to build student interest in science by promoting inquiry-based learning and laboratory experiences.

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