In a bid to propel scientific knowledge and foster STEM education in Nigeria, the 2024 DNA World Course concluded on a triumphant note, heralding significant strides in molecular biology education. Over the span of three highly intriguing days of learning, participants hailing from diverse scientific backgrounds embarked on a captivating journey of exploration and hands-on learning.

Commencing on Wednesday, February 28th, the course kicked off with a series of comprehensive lectures and practical exercises. Foundational topics such as "Introduction to World of DNA & Nucleic Acids: The Foundation of Molecular Biology" and "Back to the Basics - Measurements and Pipetting: Sterile Techniques" set the stage for an in-depth understanding of molecular principles. A highlight of the inaugural day was a stimulating field trip for sample collections, providing participants with firsthand exposure to real-world applications within the confines of the Center.

Central to the curriculum was the unraveling of DNA's mysteries, elucidating its intrinsic components and pivotal role in our biological existence. Theoretical discussions on micro pipetting and DNA extraction paved the way for an engaging laboratory experiences, empowering attendees to actively participate in scientific procedures. Notably, participants were afforded the opportunity to select their preferred plant samples for DNA extraction, infusing a personalized touch into their educational journey.

The second day, February 29th, commenced with an exploration of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), a cornerstone technique in molecular biology for amplifying DNA fragments. Delving into the principles underpinning PCR, including primer design and reaction optimization, participants gained insights into its myriad applications in research and diagnostics. A hands-on session enabled attendees to navigate PCR experiments, familiarizing themselves with equipment and troubleshooting common issues.

Transitioning seamlessly, the workshop progressed to Gel Electrophoresis, a vital tool for DNA fragment analysis. Participants were exposed in the very phenomenon and applications of gel preparation, sample loading, and result interpretation through interactive demonstrations. Guided by instructors, attendees enhanced their skills in identifying and characterizing DNA bands, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of electrophoretic techniques.

The culmination on the third and last day, March 1st featured an introduction to Basic Bioinformatics and the DNA Subway platform. Exploring bioinformatics tools and databases essential for DNA sequence analysis, participants engaged in interactive tutorials to navigate genetic data effectively. The workshop concluded with a ceremonious awarding of certificates, recognizing participants' dedication and successful completion of the course. Deputy Director Mr. Michael Okoro presented the certificates, marking the official closure of the event.

A serene boat tour rounded off the proceedings, offering participants a scenic glimpse of the Center's environs and celebrating the collective achievement of advancing scientific knowledge in Nigeria.

The 2024 DNA World Course stands as a beacon of progress in STEM education, promising to ignite a fervor for scientific exploration and innovation across the nation's scientific landscape.

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