Mentorship Project Creates Pathways for Future Academia

In a culminating event marking the conclusion of his sabbatical leave in Nigeria, veteran educator, Professor George Ude, the esteemed Department Chairman of Natural Sciences at Bowie State University, USA, and Director of DNA Learning Nigeria, Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu hosted a group of mentees as part of a visionary project aimed at mentoring potential lecturers and professors.

The gathering, which took place on Thursday 18th January is an offshoot of Future Faculty Roundtable which took place on November 2, 2023.

It was showcase of thought-provoking roundtable discussion where distinguished speakers from various academic realms shared insights into their remarkable journeys.

Organized by the Carnegie African Diaspora Program through its Fellow and DNA Learning Center Nigeria Director, Prof. George Ude, the Future Faculty Program Roundtable brought together eminent figures in STEM to inspire and mentor the next generation of educators.

Again, reemphasizing on the core requisites in meeting educational need of the time, Prof. Ude emphasized the importance of academic leadership, distinguishing it from being merely an instructor. Drawing on his extensive experience in teaching and mentorship, he shared that teaching was not just a profession for him but a way of life. Despite assuming various leadership positions, Prof. Ude expressed unwavering commitment to teaching, highlighting that any weariness stemmed from broader responsibilities rather than the act of teaching itself.

Addressing the group of mentees, Prof. Ude encouraged them to aspire to be academic leaders, emphasizing the distinction between academic leadership and instruction. He urged the aspiring educators to set their sights on becoming academic leaders, citing it as the true pinnacle of a career in academia.

This mentorship initiative, driven by Prof. George Ude, stands as a testament to the commitment of seasoned educators in shaping the future of academia, providing invaluable guidance to those poised to embark on their teaching and research journeys.

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