In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering science development and promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education aligned with societal needs, the management team of DNA Learning Center Nigeria, Godfrey Okoye University, paid a courtesy visit to Maduka University in Enugu on January 12th.

Led by the Director of DNALC Nigeria, Prof. George Ude, the team included Assistant Director Micheal Okoro and DNALC board member Barr. Joy Ogbonnaya. They were warmly received by Prof. Charles Ogbulogo, the Vice Chancellor of Maduka University.
Prof. George Ude highlighted that DNALC, Nigeria, established in 2019, is part of a global network of several institutions, with locations in the US, China, Mexico, and Nigeria. Anchored from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, DNALC Nigeria emphasizes hands-on experience and seeks to revolutionize science education for the next generation.

During the visit, Prof. Ude expressed the desire to collaborate with Maduka University to enhance laboratory skills for students. He emphasized the importance of hands-on research, noting that DNALC aims to be a bridge connecting institutions globally. The collaboration will focus on molecular biology, bioinformatics, and DNA forensics, preparing students for real-world applications such as criminal investigation, paternity testing, and fingerprint analysis.

Prof. Ude also mentioned plans to partner with international collaborators for bioinformatics, providing students with a step-by-step learning process to become proficient professionals.
In response, Vice Chancellor of Maduka Universuty, Prof. Charles Ogbulogo expressed excitement about the collaboration and acknowledged the efforts of the board member who facilitated it. He emphasized the need for research aimed at development and shared concerns about the slow flow of research funding in Nigeria due to abuse.

Prof. Ogbulogo pledged to take the collaboration proposal back to the university's board, highlighting the university's commitment to creating a platform for development. The conversation also touched upon reducing costs for science education, as Prof. Ude proposed a model similar to that of Godfrey Okoye University, where learning opportunities are integrated into school fees.

Prof. Ogbulogo commended the enthusiasm of students willing to serve and contribute to scientific advancements. He recognized the potential impact of such collaborations in addressing the challenges of research funding and creating a conducive environment for scientific development in Nigeria.

As the management teams of DNALC and Maduka University explore the possibilities of collaboration, the partnership holds the promise of advancing science education, fostering research for development, and nurturing the next generation of enthusiastic scientists in Nigeria.

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