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The Center's Attraction

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The Center's Attraction

We will offer students (Secondary and Tertiary levels) science enrichment through lab field trips and specially packaged laboratory study in the DNALC Nigeria in Enugu and at their own schools, and we will train teachers in effective strategies for hands-on science learning.

Quality & Novelty of Programs

The overall aim of the project is to build the capacity of Nigerian high schools and universities to increase the interest of students in science through inquiry-based learning and hands-on laboratory opportunities. To achieve our goal we propose the following specific objectives:

  • Train high school teachers and STEM faculty in inquiry-based teaching strategies that equips them for high impact on students through enhanced laboratory teaching practices in the courses that they teach.
  • Serve as a strategic science development and diplomacy platform in Nigeria for the betterment of all Nigerian nations and the people of United States.
  • Provide Course-Based Undergraduate Research (CURE) projects for approximately 250 GOU students taking biotechnology and microbiology courses.